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 Copyright on Images on the Internet involves interpretation, legitimate mistakes, exploitation, and in some cases, extortion.  

Confused Much? Who can you trust?

If you’re like most users of images on the internet, you go to great lengths to do the right thing.

  • You read copyright rules until your eyes cross.
  • You buy royalty free Stock Images from respectable sites
  • You give full credit whenever possible.
  • You link back to original sites and/or owners.
  • You never use photos or images belonging to photographers or designers without express permission
  • If, heaven forbid, you inadvertently slip up and are asked to remove an image, you immediately comply and apologise profusely
  • You always try to do the right thing by image owners. 

But, like everything these days, the use of images on the internet is open to individual interpretation, exploitation from greedy people, and even extortion.  

Read the discussion and comments at HUB SPOT and prepare to be shocked. 

  • Could a large company ( read the comments for name) deliberately plant images to extort money later?
  • Could greedy scammers deliberately place images under Creative Commons to extort money later?

Copyright Law on the Internet Is a Total Train Wreck Right Now

A few highlights ….

….. We’re definitely against violating copyright law — we never would’ve used those images had we known they were stock photos – but I think we can agree that there’s a huge need for some internet-friendly copyright laws.

….Big stock photography sites are cashing in on instances like this one all the time, identifying sites without rights to their images and slamming them with hefty fines accompanied by threats of legal action.

…. Be wary of content under free copyright licenses like Creative Commons, and do your due diligence to make sure that the image is really that person’s to license.

….free ebook that explains the issues for bloggers=> The Bloggers Guide to Copyright Protection http://offers.icopyright.com/bloggers-guide-to-copyright-protection-offer

Read the entire article and comments and tell me what you think. Scary stuff?

Suzi Love

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